Sunday, 3 February 2013

Day 29

Week number four was a good one.  It got a little tough after the Thursday free day, as its often hard not to take a free day on the weekend.  My wife even brought home donuts from work this morning, and the one with white frosting and nuts on it looked -- and still does -- quite yummy.  So far I have resisted eating it.

Saturday was a very difficult day to keep my eye on the plan because I was very tired after working Friday night.  And considering my wife worked Saturday night, I was afraid I would crash once she went to work.  I even went as far to ask my wife if she'd order pizza for dinner, but she said, "You need to keep your eye on the plan."  Surely I was irritated by her saying this, but inspired at the same time.  It's weak moments like this why it's good to have a partner.

So after she went to work I decided to invite my sister and her new boyfriend over, and instead of crashing we talked sports and watched movies.  This was a great way to resist the urge to cheat, which I probably would have done if left alone.  (Note: my wife and I have told no one we are on the plan).

By the time they left I was feeling quite inspired, so I ran on the treadmill after the kids were in bed.  Gosh, it must have been around 10 p.m.  I watched Michigan get beat by Indiana while running.  It was my first really good interval run since I got the flu.  It felt great.  I went to bed feeling satisfied, and happy I didn't crash.

Today the plan is to get a killer upper body workout.  I might mix it up a bit.

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