Monday, 4 February 2013

The surreptitious diet

My wife and I decided we were not going to tell anyone we are doing the body for life.  I think the main reason is because we've done it before and succeeded, and now we kind of feel like failures that we gained all the weight back and some.  Yet, to our defense, we had three kids.  Yes.  That's enough said.

So, we are doing the diet surreptitiously.  We want to see how long it will be before people notice.  Many experts say it's about two months before those who are close to you will notice, and about three months before other people notice.

We figure if we continue to do this all the way to summer we should have a good summer.  It's always inspiring when someone says, "Rick, how much weight have you lost?"  Or when someone says, "Wow, even your face looks thinner."  Or this one: "Wow!  I almost didn't recognize you."

There will be tough days, as last Saturday was a tough one for me.  Yet you must continue to keep your eye on the plan.

Today is day #30.  I will do no workout today, although I will diet to the best of my ability.  It's usually easy to do when I'm working because I can only eat the food I brought with me.  Have a good day.

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