Friday, 1 February 2013

The BFL Daily Progress Reports

If you guys haven't found them, the BFL website has some really neat progress reports you can download.  you can find them here.  I have in the past recorded every meal in a journal, and the same for my workouts.  I find that this helps to do the BFL to a tea.

Although, of late, I find that the only thing I keep track of on paper is my daily progress (what day I'm on).  I also keep track of my weight.

Of course I may have a different goal that most people who do this diet.  I don't plan on having a rock hard body.  I'm just happy to have a healthy, in shape body.  Whether it's rock hard or not is not something I care about.

I mean, I'm happily married.  Well, it would be nice to have a six pack, but to wish for one would just be setting myself up for disappointment.

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