Thursday, 31 January 2013

Studies show you should plan your meals

Bob from biggest loser, and Bill Phillips, would probably not be proud of the way I do not plan my week.  I do not sit down and plan what I'm going to eat.  I do plan my workouts, but that's it.  I do not make any lists, nor do I record my weights, set goals, or any such poppycock.  

Sorry, but I'm not the planning type.  I do have an organized plan for my day, but I do not sit down and write down what I'm going to eat every day for the week as is recommended.  I'm just not that kind of guy.  

My wife generally helps by buying what I think I'll need for the week.  She does her weight watchers diet, so she pretty much gets good food.  In some later post I will record some of the meals we eat.  She is actually a great BFL cooker. She even has a recipe for making muffins out of the EAS protein powder.  

I do know that there is a roast in the cooker right now, and that in itself is not recommended by some experts.  If you can smell food all day, that just makes you hungry.  But, as you've seen, I don't follow the plan to a tea.  I cater it to my life with work and kids.  And, I think any person who truly wants to succeed at weight loss and maintenance will likewise cater the diet to their own lives.  

So I know that there will be a good dinner tonight.  I know that for lunch I will find something that is packed into the cupboards. Maybe it will be a tunafish sandwich, or a ham sandwich.  Although, if I had my choice, it would be leftovers from the lasagna my wife made on Sunday evening.  Yes, that big batch provides plenty of leftovers for lunches for at least half the week (if my 14 YO doesn't get to it before I do, which I think he did this week).  

That's one of the keys to my eating right is that my wife makes large meals.  And for snacks, about three hours after meals, I eat something lighter, like apples, cheese sticks, ham, and that sort of stuff.  I also like to eat vegetables ad nauseum.  My rule is you can eat as many veggies as you want, so long as you don't exhaust your supply all in one day.  

But as far as recording, that's not me.  The only thing I do is keep track of what day I'm on, and I do that on one of these sheets that I've tailored on microsoft word to my own RFL program.  

You do what's best for yourself, don't do what I do just because I do it.  Studies actually show people stick to the program better when they plan out every meal, and every workout.  Me, however, I'm different.  I have to do what works best for me.  And, for better or worse, so should you.  

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