Thursday, 24 January 2013

Day #19: Lower body workout

I am off by one day this week.  Monday was my usual day off from physical activity because I work Monday and Tuesday, and Tuesday was supposed to be an aerobic day.  However, after working 15 hours I had a glass of wine and went to bed.

Actually, I make it sound worse than it really was.  My wife was called into work, so I was left home with my 9,4, and 2 year old children.  I was figuring on my kids all being in bed by 9 and getting my workout in then, but that plan failed when my 2 YO refused to go to sleep.

Now I'm making it sound better than it really was.  I came home and immediately poured a glass of wine.  Yes, it sounded that good.  So the id and ego of my mind were pulling me back and forth, and the ego won out for a time, and that glass of wine stood on the counter for 2 hours.  But after the boy refused to sleep, the wine won out.

In the end, however, the extra day off may have been more to my advantage than disadvantage, as extra rest from aerobic activity has me totally rested and charged today.  I ended up with three whole days away from running.

Now, I could do lower body and aerobics today, although I've decided to just be one day behind.  This will require me to do lower body on Monday next week after I get home.  I will really need to motivate myself, because it's really hard to work out on days I work -- especially with all the flu patients.

The workout: Lower Body (in the basement)

  • Leg extensions
  • Lower curls
  • Calf raises
  • Crunches
It was a quick workout, as I was finished in 20 minutes or less.  It was, however, the highest intensity to date for lower body.  I'm of the belief that if working out is to cause weight loss it's to come from the legs.  

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