Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The diet to end all diets

It felt good to weight myself this morning and find that I weight only 207 pounds. This is both good and bad
  1. Good because I started at 218 plus.  Good because I feel it
  2. Bad because I've been here before.  Bad because I started at 210 last year.  
Yet I feel good and am trudging on.  It's also important to remind myself I'm not doing this to obtain a particular weight, I'm doing this to feel good about myself.  I'm doing this for life.  

So I've decided that this diet is the diet to end all diets. 

I did this before back in 2002-2004. Back then I got down to 173 pounds and I was in the best shape of my life.  Of course then I had two more kids and life was stressful for a few years, and you know how that goes.  

So now I'm doing my final diet to end all diets.  
Yesterday I did 20 minutes of aerobics, although due to my flu I simply maintained a constant speed of 3-4 mph instead of reaching my high points.  The important thing is I did something.  The important thing is I don't let little things in life stop my progress (like colds, and asthma, and stress).  

Yes, this is the diet to end all diets.  

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