Friday, 25 January 2013

Upper Body: Getting caught up

I did something unconventional of me last night.  My wife was called into work, so here I am once again, all alone with the kids.  The last time this happened I was quite bored, and I satiated my boredom by eating an extra meal and having a glass of wine.  This time I was determined not to do that.  But I worked the night before, had only 4 hours sleep, so entertaining myself was difficult.

So I decided to do an extra workout.  I already did lower body earlier, and did the most killer workout to this point.  For my upper body I decided I was going to do a reverse workout.  Normally I do the following:
  • Chest: Barbell bench press and flyes for the final burn, and sometimes I mix in pushups
  • Shoulders: Standing dumbell presses and front raises or side raises for final burn
  • Back: Lat pull down or rows and the reverse for final burn
  • Triceps: Lying tricep presses or pushdowns, and the reverse for final burn or seated tricep presses
  • Biceps: Dumbell  curls or hammer curls or barbell curls, and the opposite for final burn
This time did the reverse order.  I think this is good once in a while to confuse my body, and also to give my biceps a better workout.  When you do biceps last your muscles are already worn so you can't lift as much.  When I do biceps first I greatly increase the weights I use.  It was a killer workout.  I maxed out on my weights.  

Last night I did:
  • Biceps: Hammer curls with 30 pounds as max, and then alternate dumbell curls for the finish (great)
  • Triceps:  Seated, bent over Triceps extensions and pull downs for final burn
  • Back: Close grip lat pull downs and rows for final burn
  • Shoulders: Side raises and then standing dumbbell presses for final burn
  • Chest: flyes and then chest press (killer workout.  Felt great at the end.  Best workout this year.
Plenty of energy to do this.  Really concentrated on form.  By the end my arms were shaking, although I was able to finish.  This means I'm caught up for the weak.  Tomorrow (I mean this evening when my wife awakens from her slumber)  I will concentrate on doing my best cardio workout ever.  That's the goal.  

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