Friday, 25 January 2013

Day 20

I started this most recent Body For Life experience on January 7, 2013.  As with most other people who do this, I reached a point where I couldn't stand my body any more, and decided that I CAN get it in order again. 

You know the feeling:
  • Dyspnea with exertion, and dyspnea not due to asthma either.  We like to call it Fastsma.
  • Bloated all the time.  Yes, you feel like a bloated pig.
  • Emotionally exhausted and defeated. 
Many people get to this point and they say, "Oh, what the heck!" as they stuff in another cookie for comfort.  Many of my friends tell me, "I deserve a cookie today," after a stressful day at work.  But I look at them, at myself even, and think: "No you don't deserve a cookie.  What you deserve is a day in the gym."

But I don't say it, because you don't say stuff like that. You can only say stuff like that to yourself, if you have the common sense, and will power, enough to be honest with yourself.  And thus is exactly what I did.

I was discusted with myself long before January 7, however.  I have been trying to get back on track since last July.  But in November I remember feeling so fat while trudging the halls at work, that I decided I could wait no longer.  And even while the diet part would have to wait until after the holidays, the workout did not. 

So I started hitting the weights and doing aerobics back in November.  I'm sorry guys, but I coudn't wait until January 7 to do that.  And I can honestly say that by the time I started the BFL this time, even though I weight more than I did the first time I did it, I feel better than I ever have starting.  I actually feel thinner than I am. 
The workout:  20 minutes of high intensity aerobics on the treadmill

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